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The screen cap in question.

Currently in Rotation-February week 4

I’ve been really neglecting this blog, with the Leaving Cert and what not. So it being a Wednesday and a half day, I decided to take some time off and show you all what I’m listening too.

Major Lazer-Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do

2 of the whitest looking lads imaginable making sick Trip-Hop/Dancehall. Dj/Producers Diplo and Switch come together to make this beauty.

Track to listen to: When You Hear The Bassline

And So I Watch You From Afar-The Letters EP

Northern-Irish Post-Rock giants, the immense And So I Watch You From Afar. Their new EP, recorded on a couple of days off from touring and it really does not show. They’re playing Andrews Lane Theatre March 26th, with Bats and Jogging supporting, and I am dying of anticipation. Speaking of Bats…

Track to Listen to: S Is For Salamander

Bats-Red In Tooth And Claw

A bit of a deviation from their debut ep “Cruel Sea Scientist”, Bats first full length album is a beautiful marriage of Math Rock and Post-Hardcore. Even with 3 guitarists it doesn’t sound cluttered. Really looking forward to seeing them with the aforementioned And So I Watch You From Afar.

Track to Listen to: Shadow Fucking

Amusement Parks On Fire-Out Of Angeles

Thanks to Hobbit for turning me onto them, or should I say, him. It has really gotten me back into Shoegaze and has me going back and listening to M83 and My Bloody Valentine (of course). The track “A Star is Born” is fantastic, subtle synths play with the standard guitar, drum, bass setup of Shoegaze. There’s and EP that off-shoots from this album with the title track of “In Flight”, that has an amazing cover of MBV’s “You Made Me Realize” which is really worth digging about for.

Track to Listen to: A Star Is Born

My Bloody Valentine-You Made Me Realise EP

What can I say? If you haven’t heard My Bloody Valentine, please do. You Made Me Realise was one of their breakthrough hits, and the EP is my personal favorite of all their work.

Track to Listen to: You Made Me Realise

M83-Before The Dawn Heals Us

With the Shogaze and Post-Rock vibe I am currently on, revisiting M83 was the next natural step. A massive sound coming from a range of influences, the drone of glide guitar is obvious but not as obvious are the small details in every track. Easily re-listenable, every time you find something new.

Track to Listen to: Car Chase Terror

Trolling Omegle, Georgian style.


I have no idea what I was talking about, I mean I had some loose ideas but for the most it’s bullshit. I am “you” and my victim is “stranger”. Now, lets begin shall we?

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: Health and prosper I bestow on you sir or madam.
You: How is one this fine day
You: ?
Stranger: alright
You: Just alright? Is one not filled with the glory of life and love?
Stranger: hahah good one
Stranger: im listenin to music right now
You: I don’t see how you could derive humor but alas whatever tickles ones fancy?
Stranger: because u asked if today was filled with love and its not
You: Ah music, it is fine Baroque times we live in.
You: Oh all is not full of love? What about Sir Lautner?
Stranger: haha
Stranger: he is famous he is an actor but he is my fav actor/famous person
Stranger: and he is sooooo hot
You: An actor? What playhouses has he performed in? I’d stay away from those types, they delve to deep into the opium dens and attend sodomy functions.
Stranger: yes a hot actor
Stranger: and wat takes u so long to type?
You: If he is so hot he must be running a fever and should go sans haste to the barber to be bled.
Stranger: WOW
Stranger: tht wasnt funny
You: I have to get used to this new typing machine, I much prefer shorthand and the midnight express to carry out my correspondence. Your forgiveness I implore
Stranger: wat the heck takes u soo freakin long to type
You: I hath already explained myself madam
Stranger: its annoying soo i m gonna leave and u talk funny and ur language is annoying
You: Sorry madam
You: good journeys
Stranger: OMG STOP
You: I don’t speak any strange tongue, I speak english like a true englishman, like the king himself
Stranger: stop talkin in ur freakin midevil language
You: Not medieval madam, georgian
Stranger: WHAT EVER
You: After all it is king george who rules over this great nation
Stranger: what ever language ur r speakin its quit annoying aoo u can either stop talkin like tht or i will leave if u keep speakin midevilly
You: I don’t see what the problem is but I shall make an attempt to simplify my diction.
You: I have failed
You: I accept the greatest punishment
Stranger: what punishment?
You: For failing you, whatever deed you see fit shall be done.
Stranger: i have no freakin clue wat u r talkin bout
You: Before I pass madam one thing, Knock knock?
Stranger: ok good bye
Stranger: i m leaving in
Stranger: 5
Stranger: 4
Stranger: 3
You: please madam carry out my last wish, knock knock?
Stranger: 2
You: please
Stranger: …………………………………………………………
You: madam
Stranger: 1
Stranger: 0
Stranger: BYE
You: knock knock?
Stranger: disconnet
Stranger: disconnected
You: what?
You: I simply wish to bring humor into your life with my parting gasp
Stranger: i m gonna disconnect
You: please madam knock knock?
Stranger: 5
Stranger: 4
You: no dont count down please
Stranger: NOO
no knock knock jokes
You: knock knock madam?
Stranger: no
You: just as my final wish
You: then I shall cease
Stranger: no u r rude
You: knock knock?
Stranger: soo noo
You: I be not rude
Stranger: yes u be
You: I held me tongue against your brashness and met it with kind wit
You: please madam knock knock?
Stranger: wat??
You: disco
Stranger: huh?
You: disconnect
You have disconnected.

In memory of Poe, Stoker and Lovecraft.

Adorable Christmas

For many a year, I had a “teddy”and I loved it. I had it since birth, and with my youth I had a not so varied vocabulary.Seeing as he was white, I dubbed him “white bear”. For ten years, I refused to sleep without him, but as I grew older my dependency faded.  I kept him though.

One day he was gone, I was heartbroken. I asked my Mam, she said that she tried to wash him and he fell apart. We did not speak for two whole weeks. Slowly I forgave her, though till today I still strangely miss him.

I told my girlfriend this story when we started going out. This Christmas past I opened my presents to find:

A teddy, while cute, I didn’t get it until I saw the tag;

I apologise for the poor image quality,  but as you can see it says “White Bear II”

Best Christmas present ever.

Emergency Rant!~ X-Factard Has No Idea how Music Industry Works

I blame this article for the source of my current frustration.

“X Factor winner Joe McElderry has said that his main rival for the coveted Christmas No1 slot is a “dreadful” track, according to a report.”

We all know Joe McElderry is known for not only his song writing skills, but his renowned critiques on music of all form. Yes, if you didn’t know that was sarcasm. Dreadful? This ignorant little fucks musical knowledge more than likely does not stretch beyond the liner notes on a Britney Spears record. I mean for fuck sake he’s covering a Miley Cyrus song, let that speak for his tastes.

“McElderry told The Sun: “They can’t be serious! I had no idea what it sounded like. It’s dreadful and I hate it. How can anyone enjoy this?

“Can you imagine the grandma’s hearing this over Christmas lunch?””

“They can’t be serious!” That’s what I thought when people call McElderry an artist, he’s no better than a wedding band. As for enjoying it, it has substance, the people singing it have emotion invested into it, it’s a piece of art. As for the grandma comment. What sort of anti-social fucks are you that you have the radio on at Christmas dinner? I know poor little Joe cant write a song but I’m sure he can hold a conversation, or does he just quote other people? Also who’s granny gives two shites about the pop charts?

Joe said that he was unimpressed with the rock track and he stood up for his X Factor boss Simon Cowell.

He said: “It’s a nought out of ten from me. Simon Cowell wouldn’t like it. They wouldn’t get through to boot camp on The X Factor – they’re just shouting.

Joe once again showing his impeccable review skills. Little know fact; X Factor is the final word on all music.

“I think people are jumping on this to have a go at Simon and The X Factor rather than me. But Simon gives people a shot.”

He gives them a shot… at losing all their artistic integrity.

Joe also confessed that he would be upset if his debut single, `The Climb’, does not reach the top of the charts.

He added: “I will be really disappointed if doesn’t get to number one after all the effort I’ve put in to this and winning the show.”

Greedy, little, fuck! You’re lucky enough you’re not clearing glasses and giving BJ’s in the mens jacks on the side. As for effort? You didn’t write the lyrics or the music. You showed up, avoided having a cold and sang shitely… that’s effort? I wonder if in the morning he gets out of bed to take a slash or just lies in his own juices.

Fuck you Joe, fuck you.

2 Minute Blog Post-Live from Heuston

Garlic & Cheese chips are deece

Crimbo shopping is hard

Yamamori is my favorite restaurant ever

Blazers are cool

People who work in lush are too friendly

I love carrie

Disposable Memories: a Lament to Christmas’ past

I arrived home yesterday, excited, when I saw lights coming from my house walking up the road, but as I approached the window my joy changed to disappointment. I was greeted by a synthetic white three with blue neon lights, upon closer inspection I noticed the tree and lights weren’t the only changes. All new decorations. All the crafts that my sister and I carefully crafted and nursed as we walked home from school, gone. Little trinkets, each one with the nostalgia of Christmas’ past, gone. I found little consolation in this cold, store bought, nylon abortion.

I hate it

The Offending Tree. Excuse Cam-phone pic, couldn't find a decent camera with batteries.

It’s quite upsetting to see memories you thought you shared with others disregarded as if they meant nothing to them. To have my childhood treated like a polystyrene cup. I wont be home for many more Christmas, with school ending and college starting, I meet the stench of responsibility and duty. I will have no chance to turn these decorations into memories.

I guess it’s part of growing up, but I ask, is it too much to ask to leave, a sentimental fool like myself, the memories?

Is it?